The concept “International real estate” is a comparatively new event that implies a real estate that has resulted after globalization. The concept engulfs the real development of property and transactions of lease or sales between different countries. By definition, the term is influenced by the irregular market prices in various sectors among countries, which can be confirmed from the worldwide credit crisis of 2008.

IRE (International Real Estate) can be further divided into – commercial real estate (CRE) and residential real estate (RRE).

CRE is a natural consequence of a firm’s evolution towards the business operations of multi national status. Most commonly, the transactions of CRE require the creation of corporations that are used to lease or purchase the real estate, in case freehold possession is not allowed.

RRE is often restricted to the lavish zone of the business of real estate. It is taken to be the top 10 per cent of the prices of sales in the particular market. A great emphasis is laid on marketing of property within the residential sector of the real estate market.

Aids to International Real Estate

Real estate is supported by the modern forms of media such as the international media or internet. It has catalyzed globalization as well as assisted in the necessary communications for the dealings to be made. It cannot be said that the real estate was not international before the creation of internet, but it is also true that it did not have the same accessibility and efficiency as it has today.

Most recently, the formulation of forums and directories of real estate is a foremost advance which has resulted in a major expansion in this field. Through this, the parties who are interested in the dealings can exchange and communicate information.

International Real Estate Alliance

International real estate alliance provides information about properties across the globe. It renders all the facilities to the tenant, user or any other client related to real estate. It covers up the sphere of real estate extensively to answer each and every question related to real estate. International real estate alliance enables a person to hunt for just about all properties for sale. The veteran, qualified organization of International real estate alliance includes specialists for site selection, project managers, investment specialists and architects who very efficiently help their clients for complete property solutions.

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